COVID-19 Counseling Services Communication

  • Counseling Services is open for virtual, hybrid, and in-person appointments. We will be providing our services primarily remote (via phone or Zoom) this Fall Semester, but if a private location cannot be secured, we can accommodate for in-person or hybrid sessions--we have limited private rooms in our office where the client can Zoom with the counselor if an in-person session is not preferred and a private location cannot be secured.
  • Call our office at 573.341.4211 during business hours (Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:30pm CST) to schedule an appointment. We welcome those who may be new to counseling and anyone who is interested in continuing individual and/or group counseling.
  • Not sure how we can help? In your initial consultation appointment, we will explain about our services and explore options to best support you. Learn more about counseling here.
  • Have additional concerns or questions? Call us at (573) 341-4211.
  • We care about your well-being, including your physical health. To stay safe and healthy on campus, please remember the following:
    • Engage in healthy habits: regularly wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing.
    • Face coverings are required on campus. If you come to our offices in 204 Norwood, we ask that you wear your face covering in our waiting area, hallways, and anywhere that six feet of distancing is not possible.
    • If you feel ill, experience symptoms that concern you, or believe you may have been exposed to someone who is ill:
      • Do NOT come to campus.
      • Email or call (573) 341-4902 for next steps.
    • Review the Miner Road Map and for information and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Remember to take it day by day and maintain good self-care. Check out the links below for coping strategies, ways to support others, and more.
  • Watch this video for a tour of our office and information on our services:

Student Resources During COVID-19