An outside perspective to hasten and facilitate problem-solving.

Most problems can be solved by talking to the people we know. But some can’t. Sometimes we need an outside perspective to facilitate problem solving. A consultation is a confidential exploration with one of our staff members to gain a new perspective on a problem and learn about available resources. We can also help if you have a specific concern for the well-being of another person.

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WHO should request a consultation?

Anyone can request a consultation, although most requests are made by supervisors or leadership: student leaders, resident assistants, concerned friends, staff supervisors, co-workers, faculty members, parents, etc.

Common consultation topics

  • Communication problems
  • How to better lead a group
  • Reducing conflict
  • Understanding other viewpoints
  • Coping with angry or upset feelings
  • Concern for the well-being of another
  • Resources in the community
  • Increasing group cohesion
  • Clarifying issues

Consultation outcomes

We can discuss action steps together, completely or any other possible alternatives.  Consultations regarding groups or organizations might include interventions such as training related to team building, communication, conflict resolution or another team strategy.