Counseling can help you to realize your academic and personal goals.
Meeting with a counselor can help you clarify issues, explore options, and cope more effectively. As an individual, you have unique concerns and needs.

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Common concerns
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Assertiveness
  • Depression
  • Discrimination
  • Eating Disorders
  • Family
  • Grief
  • Relationships
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Assault/Date Rape
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sexuality
  • Social Isolation
  • Stress
  • Study Skills/Test Anxiety
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Time Management

Types of counseling offered

The type of counseling you receive will be determined by you and your counselor.  Sometimes a combination of individual and group counseling is the most effective treatment option. The actual individual counseling appointment typically lasts 45 to 50 minutes. Our services are short-term in nature. Practically, this means that you and your assigned counselor will focus on resolving the immediate problems that brought you to our counseling service.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a professional relationship that will empower you to accomplish your mental health, wellness, educational and career goals.

Group counseling

Group counseling is regularly offered and for many issues is the preferred approach. Group counseling is interactive, supportive, and gives you a chance to be with students who share your concerns. All groups are confidential. Some are more structured and time limited (e.g., test anxiety group) and others (e.g., family issues group) are unstructured and ongoing.

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Our staff members are legally and ethically required to maintain confidentiality.  If you would like us to disclose specific information to anyone (e.g. a professor or doctor) we will need your written permission to do so. 

Exceptions to confidentiality

  • If there is a possibility that you might harm yourself or someone else
  • If abuse of a child or vulnerable adult is suspected
  • Contact with the care manager is not confidential (more info)

Eligibility and cost


Counseling Services offers brief, solution-based treatment to students who have paid the Student Health Fee and to benefit-eligible staff/faculty at no additional cost.

Eligible Students

All students currently enrolled at Missouri S&T and have paid the Student Health Fee are eligible for our services.

Eligible Faculty and Staff

All benefit eligible faculty and staff are eligible for up to five free sessions per year. (more info)