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When to Refer

  • Repeated absences
  • Decline in academic performance, low grades
  • Disruptive behavior or disturbing conduct
  • Shift in mood
  • Suspected use of drugs or alcohol in class
  • Disorganized speech/nonsensical conversation
  • Emotional/physical outbursts
  • Changes in personal hygiene, appearance
  • Communication that is concerning
  • Unable to contact student
  • Relationship issues
  • Loss of family member or friend
  • Mental health concerns
  • Physical health concerns

How to refer

Students may be referred to the care coordinator by faculty, staff, family, or other students. Students can also self-refer to the care coordinator. The goal is to prevent more serious difficulties and help students attain success.

Submit your concern  or UCARE@MST.EDU


Resources for Faculty and staff

If you would like additional information or would like to consult about a student or situation, please email the care coordinator, Krista Morris-Lehman, at or call 573-341-4211. Students can also self-refer using this method. 

What to expect after a referral

The care coordinator will discretely gather information by reaching out to the student and determine which types of services might be best and connecting them to to available student resources.

For more information, please contact the care coordinator.

Krista Morris-Lehman

Care Coordinator

Phone: 573-341-4211
Office: 204 Norwood Hall, 320W. 12th St. Rolla