Workshops and Presentations

We would love to work with you to create or present a workshop or presentation. We can even provide information on a topic if you would like to make your own.  If you are not sure on what you would like to discuss, we will work with you to define a specific topic and then decide (together) who would be the best “provider”.
want help with a workshop or presentation?

Please make your request at least two weeks in advance so that we can be fully prepared.

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Popular subjects

An interactive session focused on what motivates people and how to harness those characteristics to improve performance.

Coping with performance anxiety related to academic success.

How to survive and cope.

What are characteristics of healthy relationships and what are the danger signs or “red flags” for unhealthy ones?

Coping with demands; review of environmental, physical, emotional, and intellectual tools to survive and thrive.

Common types of avoidant behaviors and what to do to overcome the barriers.

Interactive presentation tailored to group needs.

Introduction to the Holland Code and career preparation “to do” list for each year of college.

Exploration of personality styles and possible impact on teams.

Basic introduction to assertiveness and practice using simple models for meeting individual needs and resolving/managing conflict.

Dispelling myths about what anger really is and isn’t; introduction to alternative methods to manage stress and de-escalate conflict

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