Support Groups

Free. Confidential. Effective.

Group counseling offers a confidential, safe space to gain awareness of self and others. The experience can reduce loneliness, normalize life events, promote change, and teach new relationship skills.  Groups help us learn how to connect with our own feelings while in the presence of others.

You will learn…

  • You’re not alone
  • Many struggle with finding a safe place to be themselves
  • Life involves giving and receiving support
  • And that there is joy in finding your own “voice”

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Call us to schedule a group screening appointment for the groups marked with an asterisk (*).

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Adhd support group

Cope with the diagnosis/symptoms of ADHD (including inattention to details, inability to follow through on tasks, losing things, and being easily distracted) while seeking practical solutions.

ASD group

Encourage and support one another, improve social connection, share together resources and information while growing resilience in coping with college life. Join us in a setting of trust, safety and mutual respect.

Body Image group

Learn how to like the way you look in the body you have now with focus on gaining self-acceptance, reducing worry, challenging self-criticism, and becoming more confident.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Learn to respond to stress and negative emotions by changing your thought patterns. Our 5-week group teaches DIY skills for managing daily life.

Graduate Student Support Group

Enjoy the support of other graduate students while exploring how to effectively work with your advisor, manage time, take care of yourself and thrive during the semester.

Healthy relationships*

Explore relationship challenges leading to feelings of anxiety or depression while working to be healthy, create boundaries, and resolve conflicts positively.

Men's action therapy

Explore “masculinity” while reflecting on media shaped role models, ideals for healthy relationships, increasing leadership regarding substance abuse and gender-based violence.

Miners for Recovery*

Explore your behaviors, reflect on ideas for change, avoid negative consequences related to drugs and alcohol, and experience the support of a safe group.

View the brochure here: Miners for Recovery Brochure.

Safety group*

Experience a highly structured group for students with the goal of reducing PTSD symptoms and increasing feelings of personal safety.

Social confidence group*

Reduce social anxiety, gain confidence, and practice skills in this safe and supportive 7-week group.

thriving, not just surviving!*

Address challenges in a compassionate environment, share experiences, offer and receive support, find solutions, gain skills in becoming resilient and learn how to live well.

Worriers to warriors: Conquering Test Anxiety

Identify the root causes of test anxiety, gain practical skills in stress management, learn how to re-write your negative thinking and find new ways to balance school work and life, in this 3-part workshop.

groups offered as the need arises:

  • Anger Management
  • Living with Loss